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Wild Earth


An exhibition of master photographer Les Picker's black & white wildlife and landscape fine art prints.

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Exhibition runs thru July 27th, 2018

Artist's Statement

Over the past decade - after more than forty-plus years shooting primarily in color for publications - I have steadily gravitated to black and white photography. This is my first public exhibit of that tonal work.

Photographing wildlife in black and white requires a discerning eye, one that looks for subtleties and nuance, the play of light and shadow, textures and tonality. I especially try to convey the emotionality and drama of my wildlife subjects and, on lucky days, a hint of their sentience.

As an ecologist, I try to help people better understand and respect our precious Earth, its people, animals and landscapes. In the process I have been chased by an African croc (they run faster than you think) and nearly bitten by a Galapagos sea lion (never get between a sea lion mom and her pup!). I have run from charging elephants and been surprised by a hunting lion. In Canada's Yukon wilderness I had an aggressive grizzly bear grab my tripod, drag it into the tundra and munch on it contentedly. But I still get a thrill from communing, even for a few brief seconds, with our wild animal neighbors.

The places I have been, the people I have met, the animals I have been blessed to observe have all touched me deeply. I hope my work will touch you, too, in some way.

Exhibition Sponsors

We take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their support of our artistic endeavors.

Moab Paper, a division of Legion Paper, is a leader in the industry. They produce a variety of papers specifically designed for inkjet printers. Moab's papers are archival, meaning they will last for many generations under appropriate storage conditions. Moab's papers are used by photographers for home use, professional exhibits, and museum collections. They have an unswerving commitment to excellence in paper choice, quality control, customer service and ease of use.

Canon large format printers are the workhorses of our studio. Our four large format printers serve our fine art printing clients, as well as our studio's need to print Les' images. Their proprietary archival ink system, software and engineering allow us to reliably print Les' images while always meeting our studio's exacting color matching requirements.